Инструкция к программе smac 2.7

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Mac OS X (OSX) (macOS) A ponysay Homebrew formula is available. Ubuntu There is a PPA available, specifically for ponysay, containing packages for all currently supported Ubuntu releases here. One thing you don’t have much control over in your Mac is when and how the cooling fans start. Debian GNU/Linux Debian packages can be found here. For additional information, an extensive manual in PDF is provided. In order to use ponysay, run: ponysay «I am just the cutest pony!» Or if you have a specific pony in your mind: ponysay -f pinkie «Partay!~» Consult info ponysay, man 6 ponysay or ponysay -h for additional information. For example, the DMC-40×0 documentation includes a DMC-40×0 User Manual and the Accelera Series Command Reference.

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