Инструкция опель астра 2006 года gtc 1.6

Название файла: Opel_Astra-H_2584-11_RO_model_9.0.pdf
Размер файла: 189 Килобайт
Количество загрузок: 1825
Скачать: Opel_Astra-H_2584-11_RO_model_9.0.pdf
Зеркало: Jurid-LV-catalogue.pdf

Caratteristica era la striscia orizzontale cromata che ornava la calandra a che veniva riproposta anche in coda. The SRi was three-door hatchback only, and the standard Astra was only available with a 1.8-litre 16-valve engine. Between 1989 and 1996, the Astra’s role was fulfilled by the Nova, Holden’s version of Toyota’s Corolla (E90 and E100). Unlike New Zealand, the wagon was not offered. Wide 235/40 series Bridgestone tyres anchor the Astra to the tarmac and there is plenty of grip when cornering. Ваш отзыв очень важен для нас и наших посетителей.

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