Инструкция принтера samsung ml-2165

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Small to medium businesses and home offices will find this printer ideal. Коды ошибок мфу HP Color LJ Pro M176n. Коды ошибок мфу HP LJ Pro M1130/M1210 сброс ошибок. Рис. 5. Samsung Universal Print Driver Тестирование Чтобы оценить возможности этой модели, мы провели небольшое тестирование основных ее характеристик — скорости и качества печати. One simple press of a button prints your screen, as it appears on your monitor. Give your print-outs standout detail If you need to make an impression, nothing shows professionalism like the stunning 1200 x 1200dpi clarity produced by the Samsung ML-2165 Laser Printer. With this useful software, you’ll be able to accurately preview your document before printing and adjust quality, colour and other settings to meet your precise requirements and budget, as well as removing unnecessary text, images and other elements.

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