Canon speedlite 430 ex инструкция по экспуатации

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The buttons are unlit, but the markings are clear. You have to press and hold SET, wait for a blinking +/- icon, and then press the left or right buttons to go up or down by thirds of a stop. It will be easier to set this from your camera if you can. Джерело живлення Спалах Speedlite 430EX II із живленням від 4 батарей типу AA є легким, портативним і достатньо компактним, щоб його брати зі собою. You can just keep shooting and the 430EX II keeps blasting out the power with no waiting. Angle of Coverage figures show the flash’s native zoom head range and the wide angle coverage available by using the built-in (pull-out, flip-down) diffuser if so equipped. The silent recycling is a change that I have mixed feelings about.

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