Инструкция пользователя canon 5d mark iii

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Проявляется это в отклонении показаний экспонометра при включении подсветки в темноте, либо попадании света на экран. Arm the H4N by clicking the REC button once. It’ll start flashing (but it’s not recording). Put some headphones on and plug them into the H4n to ensure a solid baseline test of the levels. The variable compression rate is preconfigured and can’t be controlled by the user, but two compression methods are available: ALL-I or IPB. ALL-I is an intraframe compression scheme which, much like Motion JPEG, separately compresses each individual video frame. Then I plug headphones into the 5D to monitor the sound. Make sure to turn the microphone volume on the 5D way down to avoid distortion.

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