Инструкция программы audio tester

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Now click the Record button in the Transport Toolbar — the rhythm trackwill be played back and recorded on a new track through the loop-back cable. But in the end you should settle on a value for both Audio to Buffer and Latency Correction and leave them there. In Selection Toolbar make sure that «Snap To» is set to «Off». Above the second group of numbers, make sure that Length is selected. For example, if you are recording a keyboard track, latency is the delay between the time you strike a key and the time that note is recorded. Zoom in so you can see one of the clicks in the top track and its delayed version on the bottom track. After passing the exam requirement, if the evaluation process turns up shortcomings against the other certification requirements, NICET will mail you a CDL with further instructions. Check your score reports to find out which of these work elements you have passed.

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