Пульт carrier 33ta инструкция

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The thermostat stores schedules for 7 days and batteries are not required. In the event of power interruption, the internal memory stores comfort schedules for an unlimited time. The Infinity Touch Control is compatible with Infinity System products dating back to the initial introduction in 2004, including gas furnaces, fan coils, split systems and zoning systems.The Infinity Touch Control is available with and without Wi-Fi connectivity capability. The Infinity Zoning system does not require a bypass damper, leaving air temperature (LAT) sensor, or a field supplied power transformer. Accessories Remote space sensor with occupancy override button (33ZCT55SPT) Outdoor temperature sensor (33ZCSENOAT) Supply/return air sensor (33ZCSENSAT) Changeover sensor for 2-pipe fan coil (33CSWCOFC-01) Installation/OperatingProduct Data Find an Expert. Expanded backlit display includes English/metric unit selection and features mode and equipment status, occupancy, time of day, and outdoor-air temperature. In hospitality mode, the display will show user set point in place of actual temperature. The clock will continue to run and temperature adjustments will be stored for the life of the battery.

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