Инструкция по программе psp- xvid4psp 5.036 pro

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Changing of video filter options in realtime apply to preview now. New stream source can be dropped to stream list.Version 6.0 Beta (8 Dec) Release Date: Dec 9, 2010 Added friendly view for BD. Updated codecs: XviD, x264, VP6, avcodecs. Multipart BluRay desync will be fixed for most of disks.Version Release Date: Jul 3, 2011 Download(s): Small Fixes. For MKV, MP4, TS, M2TS, BluRay added DVD5 and DVD9 size encoding presets. Information about brocken packet added to log, packet skipped. Small bug fixes.Version (2 Apr) Release Date: Apr 2, 2011 Download(s): Unicode file names can be used for input and output now.

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