Как сделать crystal growing такой кристал инструкция

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Гроутент \ гроубокс Secret Jardin Cristal 110. Инструкция по монтажу.
Secret Jardin Cristal 110x110x105 см http://growing.com.ua/growbox/secret_jardin_category/cristal/cristal_110_110_105_sm.html.

This is plenty if you’re using a test tube or small bottle. If instead you’re using a small jar like a baby food jar, I recommend getting four ounces. When that happens the water condenses out as water droplets or, if it’s cold enough, started to form water crystals. At one inch below the sponge in my unit the temperature was low enough to form snowflakes, which can grow on the thread. This suggests that the solution never truly got saturated. I added another two teaspoons per half cup, heated the solution to 120 degrees F. to dissolve most of the chemical and set the jar aside to cool. After two hour you should see a scattering of salt crystals growing on the bottom of the pan. (Teflon pans work best because their dark color absorbs more heat from the sun and therefore speeds evaporation.) The square salt crystals are 1/16 inch across. Crystal surgery: If a second small crystal starts growing on either a seed crystal or your main crystal, you can either ignore it and hope that the larger crystal will grow over it or take the more hazardous choice of removing it. Second, natural softened pool water: the level of salt in the pool water is so low that it is not noticeable.

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