Color graphics matrix инструкция

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Table of Contents Calculations [ Function Index ] Four basic arithmetic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 1 + 1; 1 — 1; 1 * 1; 1 / 1 # Returns results of basic arithmetic calculations. The command library(help=lattice) will open a list of all functions available in the lattice package, while ?myfct and example(myfct) can be used to access and/or demo their documentation. Important functions for accessing and changing global parameters are: ?lattice.options and ?trellis.device. ggplot2 [ Manuals: ggplot2, Docs, Intro and book ] ggplot2 is another more recently developed graphics system for R, based on the grammar of graphics theory. Note: to count NAs, set the ‘exclude’ argument to NULL.myvec <- c("a", "a", "b", "c", NA, NA); table(factor(myvec, levels=c(unique(myvec), "z"), exclude=NULL)) # Additional count levels can be specified by turning the test vector into a factor and specifying them with the 'levels' argument. For large data sets use the more memory efficient justRMA() function.eset <- mas5(mydata) # Uses MAS 5.0 normalization method, which is much slower than RMA!eset_gcrma <- gcrma(mydata) # Use this command to acquire gcrma data.

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