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However it does not have any role in repairing hardware related issues (due to damage to the circuit by electricity/falling/water or “Contact service” error). In such cases it is always recommended to contact an authorized service center or a good mobile repair shop. Для исправления этого:Используйте диспетчер задач Windows, для ручного отключения процессов phoenix.exe и FuseService.exe, либо перезагрузите компьютер.- Иногда в некоторых устройствах не возможна запись медиа контента через USB из за большого размера файла. Your mobile will be updated to new Anna firmware. By Roohi S. on in Mobilephone tips and tricks WARNING: Phone flashing is an advanced specialized task meant to be performed by skilled personnel at mobile service centers. It is not intended to be used by average phone users. See following screen shots Screenshot 1: In this, you need to provide your login credentials of OVI. Provide your login credential of OVI Screenshot 2: Wait for Application to activate your OVI to grant access to OVI services.

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