Инструкция мотора yamaha f6c

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Retrieved 22 December 2013. ^ Lars I Nilsson. «BFG and MF — a pair of Citroën powered motor cycles using the 1299cc and 652 cc powerplants». The Swedish Citroen Club magazine. Page 55 EMU01512 Electric Start Models 7) Open the throttle slightly lifting the neu- tral throttle lever upwards partially. Page 112 3. Remove and clean propeller. on propeller. F. Engine vibrates excessively. 4. Motor mounting bolt loose. 4. Tighten bolt. 5. Clamp screw is loose. 5. Tighten the clamp screw. 6. Steering pivot loose or damaged. 6. Tighten or have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. From the quality of the materials used to their high-quality construction, they simply outperform and out-protect most aftermarket alternatives.

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