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Thus, the total sample size for this study will be 90 participants. We will use the computer program DatInf RandList Version 1.2 (DatInf GmbH, Tübingen, Germany)[40] to randomize participants into either the intervention group or the waitlist control condition. Participants will work towards coping prior to experiencing anxiety-provoking events that might occur in the future by making two plans: one to identify early warning signs and one for dealing with difficult life circumstances. Information about PD will be provided, and personal goals will be defined. In addition, a mobile diary will be introduced to the participants. Assessments will take place at baseline as well as eight weeks, three months, and six months after randomization. Большая часть астрономических формул привязана к временному промежутку прошедшему от начала эпохи.

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