Инструкция по установке wine 1.3

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Кроме того, вы можете установить версию, находящуюся в разработке, используя новейший из исходных кодов в репозитории Git. For this I would first install mesa-utils if not yet installed: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils to test for OpenGL support. Gold Rank — It means you might find yourself doing a little bit of configuring but at the end it will work out good, but note that in most cases, Gold status will work out of the box for most users. Wine has even some support for SM4.0 and DirectX 10/11 on Wine 1.6. If the problem persists it means that either your video card does not support this or you are missing the correct libraries. This are games that demand powerful graphics and you can play them with little to no additional setups other than the normal install provided above. To know what games you can play on Wine I recommend visiting the Wine App Database: which holds more than 10000+ games.

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