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Update Your Beats Safe Buying Beats premium products attract consumers from around the world. Easy pairing and virtually seamless migration between devices makes using these headphones in almost any scenario a breeze. They were manufactured by Monster before Beats severed relations with the company and began manufacturing their products in-house in 2012. The first generation of Beats Studio have a slightly thicker, fuller design with a heavier body. Они не могут просто называть наушники именем того, который ничего не знает о звуке». В июле 2012 года HTC продала обратно половину своей доли в Beats за $150 млн, оставаясь крупнейшим акционером с 25,1 процентами. Answered by: SRMWJM Date published: 2015-03-10 Are these headphones wireless and can they be used for jogging or at the gym?

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