Инструкция philips wake up light на русском языке

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Page 12 of the Philips HF 3520 Wake-up Light instructions has visual instructions for setting the clock, but nowhere mentions anything about simultaneously holding the plus and minus signs. Продолжительность этой функции Вы можете установить сами» — в режиме засыпания можно включить только радио, «птички» не работают. After tinkering around with it again the next day, I gave up and called customer support. The FM radio allows you to wake up to your favourite station, or you can select a relaxing nature sound and wake up to the sounds of birds, bliss. Yet another issue is that on page 15, there’s a brief mention of the 12H and 24H settings. With a small flat screwdriver remove the bottom trim by gently levering at the snaps joining it with the command unit.

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