Инструкция bmw 325xi

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The gearing is long-legged, and it’s easy to let the wagon’s engine drop too low in revs to pull the next grade.The all-wheel-drive system uses a multi-disc clutch to apportion torque between the front and rear. Large Image | Extra-Large Image Figure 3 Using a fluid pump, fill the transmission until fluid flows out of fill plug hole. When the system senses understeer, it directs more torque to the rear, and less to the rear in times of oversteer. The details show high quality, particularly in the cargo area where the edges of the short-pile carpet are meticulously rolled out of sight and firmly secured. We like the cargo-loading flexibility: Lift the whole hatch lid or just the hinged glass. Next remove the splash shield.See our Pelican Parts technical article on Removing the Engine Splash Shield and Reinforcement Plate. There we found well-toned suspension muscles providing firm, stable roll control.

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