Vrv mitsubishi инструкция

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Wireless Router Compatibility kumo cloud is compatible with most wireless routers, making it easier to integrate into existing wireless networks or switch to a new router. One Wireless Interface is required for each indoor unit. Manage your systems anytime and from anywhere using the kumo cloud app Compatibility kumo cloud is now compatible with more Mitsubishi Electric systems, including M-series, P-Series and CITY MULTI™ VRF systems. Whether you’re out for the day or the month, whether you want to cool down, or warm up, kumo cloud gives you control from any smartphone or tablet. Объем файла — 3 МБ. Скачать файл CITY MULTI YKB и YLM (R410A): сервисное руководствоРуководство по сервисному обслуживанию мультизональных VRF-систем CITY MULTI серий Y и R2 модификации YKB и YLM (хладагент R410A).Объем книги — 720 страниц.

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