Mn — 109sf инструкция по установке

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The problem is that most fre- quency counters are too cumber- some to take along on a field job. The Captive Screw set comes with «U» clips, sad- «C**fc* CIRCLE 15 ON FREE INFORMATION CARD die washers, and bow-tie re- taining clips, in a variety of lengths and sizes. Try to keep all wiring as short and direct as possible to avoid crosstalk and hum. Refer to the Cisco ONS 15454 SDH Reference Manual for card specifications. If the receiver levels are acceptable, ensure that the optical transmit and receive fibers are connected properly. If the connectors are acceptable, complete the Physically Replace a Traffic Card for the STM-N card. Warning! The power supply circuitry for the equipment can constitute an energy hazard. The general feeling seems to be that something really is happening here.

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