Инструкция cube 10 fini

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Curve C has both positive and negative slopes, so its derivative, the velocity, must be A and not B. That leaves B for acceleration. 19. C = position, B = velocity, and A = acceleration. Curve C cannot be the derivative of either A or B because C has only negative values while both A and B have some positive slopes. So, C represents position. Read More… Pneumatic tools and accessories, compressors for decoration Read More… The line of best fit, or the regression line, is s = 0.8742m where s is the stretch in the spring and m is the mass. Therefore, the curve’s slopes range from — oo near ax 2y/x dy x = 0, to 1 but never reaching 1, as x — * oo. Graph (f) would match this learning pattern. 13. Graph (c). The rate of decay of radioactive Carbon-14 is proportional to the amount of Carbon- 14 present in the artwork.

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