Авм 20 инструкция

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Each input has the option of getting a global delay. In other words, the entire program is held back as little as 1 millisecond or as much as 84. This is of particular interest to videophiles who are running their picture through a line multiplier which delays the picture. The AVM-4-B model includes GPIB and RS-232 ports (with Ethernet optional) for remote control. The buttons are a little mushy, leaving me uncertain as to whether I’ve pressed one or not, but it does illuminate whenever you are using it. It’s nice because there are so many buttons, and finding the one you want by feel would be next to impossible. Time Alignment of the channels is something which is now somewhat common place, but which THX mandated early on. Form and Function The display is a nice large illuminated dot matrix with two rows of information.

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