E6 антирадар инструкция

Название файла: 1ac26655-6326-4e24-818f-9396b3ba1c86.pdf
Размер файла: 311 Килобайт
Количество загрузок: 1945
Скачать: 1ac26655-6326-4e24-818f-9396b3ba1c86.pdf

The VEP added numerous changes to the aircraft to address deficiencies with the original EA-6B flying qualities, particularly lateral-directional problems that hampered recovery from out-of-control flight. Laser is more difficult to detect than radar. Amber Books. ISBN 1-904687-84-9. ^ «EA-6B Prototype». Naugatuck Daily News. 17 November 1966. p. 4. ^ Paul Eden and Soph Moeng, eds. (2002). The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft. Once compiled, we scored and graded each radar detector performance.

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