Terokal 5055 инструкция

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Hysol ECCOBOND CA3152 Dispensible, low temperature, snap cure paste adhesive. Hysol PC62 Acrylic conformal coating Hysol PL 696 Epoxy-based structural film adhesive designed primarily for out-of-autoclave curing process applications requiring low cure temperatures as well as low curing pressures. Hysol Huawei KLG750 Superior adhesion technology to ensure zero delamination performance for SOT and SOIC packages. Ablestik ATB-F100E ABLESTIK ATB-F100E adhesive film is formulated for use in water lamination processes and preform decal. Contains corrosion inhibitor. BONDERITE S-PD 828 Neutral coagulant for detacking over sprayed water-based and solvent-based paints.

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