Hyundai h-1551 черный/оранж инструкция

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Pull the shock absorber out vertically without turning for at least 1 cm to disengage the adjusting mechanism. Even with our high safety and quality standards, we’re still able to maintain an inventory of over a hundred used vehicles on any given day. All advertised interest rates are subject to buyer qualification.Estimated Monthly Payment and Estimated Cost of Vehicle is based on standard equipment and may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Rebound Adjustment Direction: Clockwise: Firmer Counter Clockwise: Softer Adjustment Procedure 76, 80, 82, 86, 87, 88, 90, 8040, 8240 Series Rebound Adjustment Procedures Remove the shock absorber from the vehicle and hold it vertically with the lower eye or pin attached in a vise. Remove the dust cover and expose the adjusting button (figure 2). Hold the damper body by hand where the piston rod emerges from the cylinder.

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