Alcatel-lucent 9 инструкция

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Later crossbar systems had punch-card-based trouble reporting systems. By the 1970s, automatic number identification had been retrofitted to nearly all step-by-step and crossbar switches in the Bell System. For instance, if a dial customer calling from TAylor 4725 dialed a number served by a manual exchange, e.g., ADams 1383, the call would be completed, from the subscriber’s perspective, exactly as would a call to LEnnox 5813-W, in an automated exchange. Additional features, such as billing equipment, may also be incorporated into the exchange. Офис в Колорадо Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext: ALU, NYSE: ALU) — франко-американская компания, осуществлявшая деятельность в области телекоммуникационного и компьютерного оборудования, программного обеспечения и др. The control logic has to allocate these connections, and most switches do so in a way that is fault tolerant. Sep 14, 2001. Ronayne, John P. (1986). Introduction to Digital Communications Switching (1st ed.). Indianapolis: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. ISBN 0-672-22498-4. External links[edit].

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