Mazda bongo truck инструкция

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Grab this deal and drive your desired vehicle before it is out of stock…. 2010 — Mazda — 1 KM Tk 10,00,000 Tk 10,00,000 Diesel engine, little bit used, 1Ton Mazda Freezer Van for sale. The UK model has a five-speed manual gearbox with a column mounted shifter.[4] The original version has round headlights and no grille; after a facelift the second generation Bongo/E-series had rectangular headlights and a more traditional grille. Март 2012 Mazda объявила, что это будет последнее поколение в дом предназначен Bongo фургоны и грузовики. The rear-engined Bongos had a full chassis (using the same Mazda 1000 engine as other variants mounted to a four-speed transaxle at the rear) and were very strong and due to the low gearing, able to carry half a ton. This was branded the Mazda Access in some markets. In September 2001, a facelift version appeared with a revised bodystyle and different engines, although the 2.5 turbodiesel continues unchanged.